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Open Water Swimming events

General OWS websites

Cousins Tours & Travel Cousins Tours & Travel
Cousins TT is a sponsor of many of the open-water events. Contact them for travel packages to major sporting events and for sports tours.
Ocean Swims open water swimming Ocean Swims
A good source of information about open water swimming, with a calendar of events and results around Australia.
Brighton Icebergers Brighton Icebergers
The Brighton Icebergers are a group of hardy swimmers who swim all year at the Middle Brighton Baths. Their informal events include the Winter Pier to Pub at Lorne in July (brrr!) each year.
Black-Ice Open Water Swimming Club Black-Ice Open Water Swimming Club
A group of long-distance open water swimmers based at Black Rock in summer and Brighton Baths in winter (no wetsuits!).
They offer support and advice for anyone preparing for a long-distance open water swimming event, including the English Channel crossing (they regularly have members doing the crossing), Rottnest, Cook Strait, etc.

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Event Timing, registration and administration

Tomato Timing Tomato Timing
They do the timing for most of the Victorian OWS events.
Register Now Register Now
Australian company providing online services for over 2,000 events and 300,000 individual registrations per year in Australia.
Used by some of the Victorian events.
Genisys Timing Genisys Timing
Performed timing & results services for many years. Now only doing the timing for the Phillip Island events.
Sport Timing Sport Timing
International website with a number of local events.
Accolades Sports Timing Accolades Sports Timing
Last event was in 2006, but past results are still on here.

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Other useful Open Water Swimming pages

If you didn't find what you were looking for on this page, or would like to browse for more information about open water swimming or beach & water conditions, try these pages: