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Honour Board

Club Award Winners

The annual awards are presented each year at the annual Christmas party and acknowledge outstanding achievements and contributions to the club.

Click here if you want to find out more information about the awards or to see how the awards are decided.

Year OWS Award Swimmer of the Year Most Improved Coach's Award Outstanding Contribution
2003 Kelli Van de Water
2004 Ebony Ebenwaldner
2005 Allison Devine
2006 Dale Kendall
2007 Ann Hutchings
2008 Mal Winder
2009 Ann Hutchings Narelle McIntyre Sonia Halsvik Steve Thompson Sonia Halsvik
2010 Ebony Ebenwaldner Kirilee Chaplin Jen Rees David Scott Peter Ebenwaldner
2011 Sarah Byron Ebony Ebenwaldner Raelene Warren David Scott Shane Quirk
2012 Ebony Ebenwaldner Ebony Ebenwaldner Victoria Greenhan David Scott Mal Winder
2013 Greg Chaplin Ebony Ebenwaldner Eric Van Toor Jan Gooey Greg Chaplin
2014 Sarah Byron Ebony Ebenwaldner Manisha Brown Brendan Gray Jen Veres & Jan Gooey
2015 Aurel Wachter Ebony Ebenwaldner Daniel Gould Oliver Hutt  
2016 Aurel Wachter Ebony Ebenwaldner Tracey Gottliebsen David Scott Manisha Brown
2017 Aurel Wachter Molly Thwaites John Barton & Rod Stone Julian Prendergast  
2018 Molly Thwaites Ebony Ebenwaldner Scott Beesley Greg Chaplin  

Previous Executive Committees & Coaches

Year President Vice-Pres. Secretary Treasurer Registrar Coach
2001 Greg Bailey (vacant) Jan Williams Greg Chaplin Lee Chaplin Nigel Krieger
2002 Kelli Van de Water Jan Williams Tania Graham Greg Chaplin Lee Chaplin Nigel Krieger
2003 Jan Williams Sandra Jackson Jan Gooey Megan Gooey Andrew Hollas Nigel Krieger,
Stewart Nicoll
2004 Dale Kendall Sandra Jackson Jan Williams Megan Gooey Andrew Hollas Stewart Nicoll
2005 Sandra Jackson Dale Kendall,
Peter Ebenwaldner
Greg Chaplin Narelle McIntyre Greg Chaplin Stewart Nicoll,
Ebony Ebenwaldner
2006 Sandra Jackson Peter Ebenwaldner Ann Hutchings Narelle McIntyre Greg Chaplin Ebony Ebenwaldner
2007 Peter Ebenwaldner Ann Hutchings Ebony Ebenwaldner Narelle McIntyre Greg Chaplin Ann Hutchings
2008 Peter Ebenwaldner Ann Hutchings Ebony Ebenwaldner Narelle McIntyre Greg Chaplin Gloria Hardy,
Ebony Ebenwaldner
2009 Peter Ebenwaldner Ann Hutchings Ebony Ebenwaldner Sonia Halsvik Greg Chaplin Ebony Ebenwaldner
2010 Greg Chaplin Ebony Ebenwaldner Peter Ebenwaldner Sonia Halsvik Susan Kempson Ebony Ebenwaldner
2011 Mal Winder Ebony Ebenwaldner Greg Chaplin David Scott Susan Kempson Ebony Ebenwaldner
2012 Mal Winder Peter Ebenwaldner Greg Chaplin David Scott Susan Kempson Frank Haas
2013 Mal Winder Jen Veres Greg Chaplin David Scott Susan Kempson Frank Haas,
Jen Veres
2014 Mal Winder Jen Veres Greg Chaplin David Scott Susan Kempson Frank Haas,
Jen Veres
2015 Oliver Hutt Jen Veres Greg Chaplin David Scott Susan Kempson Jen Veres,
Sean Chaplin
2016 Oliver Hutt Jen Veres Greg Chaplin David Scott Susan Kempson Jen Veres,
Sean Chaplin
2017 Oliver Hutt Jen Veres Ryan Impey Greg Chaplin Susan Kempson Jen Veres,
Sean Chaplin
2018 Manisha Brown Jen Veres Yolande van Oosten Greg Chaplin Susan Kempson Jen Veres,
Sean Chaplin

Committee Service Honour Board

The service awards acknowledge the contribution these people have made to the club by serving on the committee.

  5 years 10 years 15 years 20 years Life Member
Jan Williams 2005 2010 2015   2014
Greg Chaplin 2005 2010 2015   2014
Jan Gooey 2005 2010 2015   2015
David Scott 2012 2017
Tania Graham 2006
Sandra Jackson 2006
Narelle McIntyre 2007
Ann Gibbs 2008
Ebony Ebenwaldner 2010
Peter Ebenwaldner 2011
Mal Winder 2012
Susan Kempson 2014
Jen Veres 2017
Kathryn Marmara-Stewart 2018

How the awards are decided

OWS Award

The Casey Seals Open Water Swimming Award is a perpetual crystal trophy awarded to the member who has got the most points from their open water swimming races over the last year, from 1 July to 30 June.

To see how the points are calculated (and to see the fantastic trophy), go to the Open Water Swimming Award page.

Swimmer Of The Year

The Casey Seals Swimmer Of The Year is based on the FINA points system. FINA points are calculated using a formula which compares your time to the world record for that event for your age.

FINA Points = 1000 x ( World Record / Time Swum ) ^ 3

For events that are not recognised by FINA (and therefore do not have a world record) but which have a Masters Swimming Australia national record (eg. 800m backstroke), we plug the time into our FINA points calculator using the national record adjusted by the average difference between all world and national records. This way the long distance form-stroke swimmers are not disadvantaged.

Each member's points are tallied and the average is taken for their top 3 swims for the calendar year.

The Swimmer Of The Year is the person who has the highest average points.

Most Improved

This is awarded by the coaches to the person that they consider has shown the greatest improvement in their swimming over the last year.

Coach's Award

Like the Most Improved, this is selected by the coaches but unlike that award, this one has no specific criteria. It is meant to recognise a number of factors mostly based around training sessions, including attitude, effort, encouragement of other swimmers, etc, but these are just loose guidelines and the choice is totally up to the coaches.

Outstanding Contribution

This is presented to someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the club in the last year. This could be for one single act, or a maybe for a continuous effort over the entire year. Note that a committee member who has done their job well over the year does not merit getting this - it would only be if they have gone far beyond what is expected of their position.

It is awarded only if someone has made an outstanding contribution, so it will not necessarily be presented each year.

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