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Victorian Bay, Beach and Ocean conditions



Swellnet provides very accurate swell & surf forecasts and also has live webcams at various beaches around Australia.
Port Phillip Bay water temperature

Port Phillip Bay water temperature

Graph of Port Phillip Bay (north, mid & south) and Bass Strait ocean water temperatures.
Port Phillip Bay data

Current Port Phillip Bay data

Current details about Port Phillip Bay, including:
  • air & water temperatures
  • wind direction & speed at various points around the bay
Westernport Bay water temperature

Westernport Bay water temperature

Graph of Westernport Bay (north, mid & south) and Bass Strait ocean water temperatures.
Port of Melbourne

Wave buoy at Point Nepean

The Port of Melbourne site has a link to view the current swell height and water temperature in Bass Strait off Portsea. Click the "Online wave data" link to see it.
Trigger Brothers surfshop

Trigger Brothers surfshop

The Trigger Brothers surfshop. This has live webcams at Point Leo, Sorrento back beach, Lorne, Torquay, Flinders & Gunnamatta so you can see what it's like out there.
CSIRO sea surface temperatures

CSIRO sea surface temperatures

Clickable map which gives recent sea temperatures around Australia.
Victorian EPA beach report

Victorian EPA beach report

Check how clean the beach is before going there.
Clean Ocean

Clean Ocean Foundation

Stop dumping waste and sewerage in our oceans. Also has some useful info and links.

Bass Strait water temperatures

This graph shows the water temperature through the year in Bass Strait. This was based on figures from 2000 to 2010 from Andrew Watkins' excellent site at The low and high lines show the coldest and warmest temperatures over the sample period.

Andrew has a more detailed version on his BAYWX website.

Bass Strait water temperature graph

Other useful Open Water Swimming pages

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