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2018/19 Committee

The committee was elected at the Annual General Meeting held at the Casey ARC on Monday 13th August 2018.

You can contact some of these people on the email address (add "" to the address shown) or phone number listed below.

If the person you want to contact does not have an email address or phone number listed below, please send an email to info@... and the Secretary will then follow it up.

If you want to send an email to the whole committee, address it to committee@...

Committee Members

President Manisha Brown  
Vice-President Jen Veres  
Secretary Yolande van Oosten  
Treasurer Greg Chaplin 0403 963 468
Registrar Susie Kempson  
General Members Andy Coppa
Jan Gooey
Oliver (Ollie) Hutt
Kathryn Marmara-Stewart
Ali Mohammad
Gary Ullmann

Non-Committee Positions

Coach Jen Veres,
Stewart Nicoll
Relay Organiser Lee Chaplin  
Social Organiser Ollie and Manisha  
Merchandise Ollie Hutt
State Delegate Jan Gooey  
Website & Technology Greg Chaplin 0403 963 468

Previous Committees

For a list of previous committee members, please go to the Honour Board page.

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