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Hints and Tips

Training Guidelines and Lane Etiquette

If you're new to training in a squad, you may not know how squads work or what the lane etiquette is. Or maybe you've just never been told. Well, here are some guidelines that should help you.

We encourage all our swimmers to follow these guidelines so that we all:

  • Have fun
  • Avoid injury
  • Don't annoy other swimmers (or the coach)
  • Get the most benefit from the sessions

Some of these are just common sense, and some are also applicable to all lap swimming.

Training guidelines Download the training guidelines as a printable PDF file.

Swim on the left side of the lane
Leave 5 seconds apart
Keep the wall clear
Organise your lane by speed
Use the clock
Follow the program
Don't push off in front of turning swimmers
Let faster swimmers overtake
Bring your own equipment
Arrive early
Tell the coach about any injuries or health issues
Don't talk while the coach is talking

Hints & Tips for Open Water Swimming events

If you're new to open water swimming ("OWS") or OWS events, you probably have loads of questions and may be feeling quite stressed by the whole thing.

Don't worry, we've got decades of collected experience that we'd love to share so that you can enjoy OWS events as much as we do.

Equipment you might want
Selecting which event to enter
Entering the event
What to take to the beach
At the beach before the swim
At the start
The race
After the race

Hints & Tips for Masters Swimming competitions

Ok, so you're wondering about having a try at racing but don't know what to do? Not sure if you're good enough? A bit nervous about the whole thing?

Relax! Masters Swimming is all about fun, fitness and friendship, and this applies to competitions as well. We've got some useful info below to help, and of course we'd love to have a chat if you've got any other questions.

Information about upcoming competitions
Entering a meet
Preparing for a meet
What to take
What not to take
At the meet

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